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Camper smiling with friend


My daughter had, without a doubt, the best educational experience she has ever had! She could not have enjoyed the work she did with you this summer any more (trust me - a week later, it's all she and her sister, talk about)!

Daryl Barbieri - Parent

Hi Madison! What an awesome showcase last night! I'm sure you and Justin are very proud of what you have accomplished this summer.  We are so happy and fortunate to have our daughter be a part of it. She learned many things about herself and I've seen her grow in positive ways in what she loves to do most....sing! Thanks again for the opportunity!

Doreen & Mary Harmon - Parent

My son did the first session of the Summer Arts Conservatory in the Cinematic Arts concentration. He really enjoyed the intensity and he learned a lot!

Pam Cohen - Parent

I would just like to give a big thank you to all staff at the Summer Arts Conservatory. This summer has been so amazing due to this wonderful camp. I have learned so many new things from passionate and amazing teachers that have hooked me into art. Before this camp, I had very little experience - borderline none. This was a wonderful camp that will allow me to continue in the arts and hopefully I can return next year during the summer. I now love and cherish dance! I have so many more dance styles to practice and cherish because of my spectacular dance instructors! All of the other classes that I participated in during the morning expanded my knowledge as a performer and as an individual. I just want to give a major thank you to everyone who contributed to this wonderful camp at LACHSA because it made my summer wonderful and hundreds of other kids as well! Continue what you are doing because this well structured camp with an awesome curriculum will continue to succeed!!!

D. Godinez - Student

Just sending a quick email to say thank you for answering all my questions and having a such a great camp. My son LOVED it. Had a great time. Was begging to go back for the second session but alas, we must wait until next year. Thank you and have a great rest of the summer!

Rick Santizo - Parent

Thank you so much for facilitating my daughter's participation in the camp. She absolutely LOVES it and is thriving. As a parent (and a high school principal), I am also extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, student engagement, safety, and security of the program. Well done!

Sterling Schubert - Parent

My daughter came to the first session and had a ball. She loved it! Thanks so much to you and the teachers - you did a great job!

Ann Warren - Parent

I wanted to let you know that we just found out that our son was accepted to the Visual Arts Program at LACHSA for 9th grade next year. Your awesome summer program made him feel comfortable on the campus for the past two years and got him excited about applying. Your program did such a great job to empower kids to feel comfortable with the interview/portfolio process. I kept watching kids walking out of the building after they’d shown their work, and they were shaking, the color drained from their face. Then Wyatt walked out and he was bouncing  around and smiling and saying “That was so much fun! I love this place!” I couldn’t help but think that if he hadn’t attended the Summer Conservatory, he’d be like the other kids, and I wished that they, too, had had that opportunity!

Timathea Workman - Parent

Thank you for everything and once again, we really appreciate your customer service! I would highly recommend your camp! Thanks for everything!

Lisa Nichols - Parent

I wanted to reiterate how much she enjoyed it these past 4 summers! It's been her favorite summer experience by far, and I know she will miss it, now that she's aged out. Everyone we've referred over the past 3 years, has had a similar experience. We will continue to recommend it to our younger friends, and wish you continued success.

Katya Shaposhnik - Parent

Just wanted to let you know my daughter and her 8 friends are having the best time at LACHSA! She has met up with friends from last year & made a few new friends along the way! On Friday she invited a few of her friends over after camp for a BBQ & they all raved about the program. Thank you for all your efforts in making this not only an educational but very enjoyable experience for our kids. Can't wait to see the show!

Debra Echard - Parent

Just wanted to say thank you for such a fun and inspiring camp. My son loved every day of it and we're looking forward to the show tonight.

Kelley Foster - Parent

I just wanted to let you know that the Summer Arts Conservatory has had a huge impact on my daughter. She said it was the best summer ever and she learned so much. She loved all of her instructors and all the classes, especially improv greatly increased her confidence. I was very impressed with all the things you guys accomplished in three weeks and the final show was amazing. Thank for providing a great opportunity for these kids, we’ll definitely be seeing you next year!

Joy Stone - Parent

Thank you! My kids are loving the camp by the way!  Please extend my gratitude to your staff!

Martha Adams - Parent

Just wanted to say it was a fantastic program.  The quality of the education was first class.  Thank you!

Maral Donoyan - Parent

My daughter had an awesome second year at camp and I want to thank you, your husband, and your staff for all your hard work and constant smiles. You all have the patience of saints!


Also, I want you to know that we loved the final performances this year.  The way they were changed into smaller groups allowed us to invite three people which was great. I heard very positive comments from other parents as well. :)

Kristin Maldonado - Parent

You have an AMAZING program…..I've never seen my daughter so happy. Thank you for all you do there.

Georgina Cates - Parent

My son loved your program - I've never seen him so happy! He came home the first day in shock, telling us it was the first time ever that he felt people "got him"! And I want you to know, I'm not exaggerating.


These 3 weeks were the happiest I'd ever seen him! He couldn't wait to go to sleep on Sunday nights so Monday morning could arrive faster! It was the first time he felt completely comfortable and at home being himself someplace other than home!

Deborah Glenn - Parent

Thank you for putting this summer program together. I have been impressed with the professionalism of the staff I have met, and am grateful for the steps you have all taken to help our children feel inspired and safe. Our son is already saying things like “well, next summer, when I am here I’m going to …" Thanks again for the fun program. It’s been a wonderful experience for our son in ways we did not anticipate, and we are grateful for his growth in confidence and the opportunities for him to step out of his comfort zone and feel safe doing so.

Timathea Workman - Parent

Both my kids are really enjoying camp.  My son is in the visual arts program and loving it. My kids have loved this camp!  Thank you for everything!   Looking forward to Thursday's show!

Aimee Garvey - Parent

I am so amazed at the level of work the camp produced! My son had the best experience and has already decided that he wants to return next year. Thank you for providing such a wonderful program! Thanks again!

Deana Payne - Parent

The kids had THE BEST summer thanks to you guys!!!

Lisa Cassandra - Parent

This is wonderful! How exciting for the kids to share their work with one another, learn from each other, and a great opportunity to all be together as a community. My daughter has had the time of her life - met inspiring teachers, deepened her passion for filmmaking and writing, and has felt " among her people." The entire experience was exactly what we were hoping for and more!

Melinda McGraw-Pierson - Parent

Again, thank you for everything! My daughter so enjoyed her time with you and looks forward to signing up next year to experience another department as well. Many thanks!

Mia Visyak Glass - Parent

My son had a blast and is very enthusiastic about the teachers and the content of the camp! This program has motivated my son to apply for LACHSA next year. Thanks! 

Solena Tapia - Parent

Thank you so much! My daughter had such a meaningful and enriching experience. She was so focused everyday and never wanted to miss a session! Thanks again for your professionalism throughout the session. I will definitely recommend this program and we look forward to next year.

Maria - Parent

Thank you. The camp was run very well and my daughter enjoyed her first experience tremendously.

Julianna Edwards - Parent

Could not be happier with the show today/tonight - so proud of all of the students! We will be back next year for sure! Thank you!

Cecily Harrison - Parent

My son has been very much enjoying camp and the cinema program which we have found to be fun and on his level and challenging enough for him.


It has been hard for us to find a film program that is not beneath his level since he is so into film making and does so much on his own that he already knows a lot. Also: I’ve been impressed with the kids working the car line-they are polite, smart, and take their jobs seriously. Please complement them for me :)

Sara Ingrassia - Parent

Thank you! My daughter had a fantastic experience!

Tori Hemingson - Parent

My son had such a great time last summer during session one that he told me to sign him up for both sessions for next summer! Great program you have going! Thanks!

Tim Hofer - Parent

Thank you so much! It was a terrific experience for my daughter!

Karen Rizzo - Parent

My son had a blast and is very enthusiastic about the teachers and the content of the camp. Thank you very much!

Solena Tapia - Parent

My daughter is loving choral music as well as the other arts offerings at camp.  She is super happy and learning a lot. Thank you for creating such a wonderful camp!

Molly O'Brien - Parent

The final show was fabulous!! Thanks again for providing such a wonderful summer camp experience for my daughter!

Betty Fritz - Parent

I just have to say that you do a terrific job with the Summer Arts Conservatory. This was one of the best summer programs that he has ever participated in!

Charlene Locke - Parent

My daughter had such a wonderful experience. Thank you for everything!! I am a LACHSA alum so I am especially happy that she has good memories of the school.

Kerry Franco - Parent

My daughter loved the program last summer and is going again this year.


Unbelievably, she has no trouble with getting up at 5am to be at the train on time, whereas it's almost impossible to get her out of bed the rest of the year!

Joseph Vaughan - Parent

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