Co-Movement Back Story

Josh Lewis (Founder and Movement Coach) started his dream of a small backyard gym in Upstate NY. In 2011 he started a local garage gym in Oriskany Falls New York where he worked as a personal trainer. He quickly created a strong following for his unique movement training style which radiated an energy that spoke to unconventional, unique and brave individuals. In 2018, Josh opened a new state of the art headquarters called Co-Movement located on beautiful Skyline Drive in Oriskany Falls NY (8 minutes outside of the village of Clinton and 15 minutes from the Village of Hamilton). Josh has brought together an elite team of personal trainers that share his passion for training and movement. Our local gym is a private sanctuary with plenty of natural sunlight and a breathtaking scenic view.

Not only does Co-Movement gym provide personal training locally in Oriskany Falls NY, but also provides personal training online around the world through their Achieve Online Program! At Co-Movement we believe in a world that plays hard, dreams big, and strives to move and live courageously.

Co-Movement Gym Promise

We pride ourselves on treating every client equally and as an individual. The Co-Movement team will always ask for your personal goals and values before assigning you a personal trainer. All clients undergo an initial assessment in order to determine where you are in your fitness journey. We know that when your programing is aligned with your personal goals and values, success is inevitable. All the personal trainers at Co-Movement gym pass an in-house 3-month coaching certification and have real life experience testing out many different workouts and nutritional strategies. Your personal trainer will assess and reassess continually throughout your fitness journey to ensure you are progressing towards your goals/values.

What can our fitness center in Oriskany Falls New York do for you?

Co-Movement Gym has coached hundreds of clients to achieve more than they ever imagined was possible. Our personal trainers have coached clients looking to complete a marathon, triathlon, compete in the CrossFit Games, improve performance for college and high school athletes (basketball, football, soccer, hockey, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and more), but Co-Movement personal trainers pride ourselves more on helping average people achieve their goals and to move through life pain free. The testimonials on our website show how our personal trainers coach clients to achieve things like basic gymnastic style movements at the age of 65, getting back into shape after a pregnancy, improving attitude and mental clarity along with fitness, and helping through injuries or pain/stiffness in their joints. We care about all of our clients equally regardless of skill level and are dedicated to helping everyone achieve more.